The DARPA Agent Markup Language

Reference: Hendler, J. & McGuinness, D.L. The DARPA Agent Markup Language. IEEE Intelligent Systems Vol. 15 No. 6, November/December, 2000.

Abstract: The DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) program is a United States government sponsored endeavor aimed at providing the foundation for the next web evolution - the semantic web. The program is funding critical research to develop languages, tools and techniques for making considerably more of the content on the web machine-understandable. We believe that this will lead to the next major generation of web technology, and will enable considerably more "machine to machine" (agent-based) communication. The program includes participation from academic researchers, government agencies, software development companies, and industrial organizations such as the World Wide Web consortium (W3C). The DAML project is also working closely with other efforts, including European Union funded Semantic Web projects (e.g. On-to-Knowledge and Ibrow ), and the ongoing W3C RDF recommendation effort. In the remainder of this report, we provide a short motivation, description, and status report about the program.

Full paper available as doc, html.

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