DAML-ONT: An Ontology Language for the Semantic Web

Reference: McGuinness, D. L.; Fikes, R.; Stein, L. A.; & Hendler, J. DAML-ONT: An Ontology Language for the Semantic Web. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, 2001.

Abstract: By all measures, the web is enormous and growing at a staggering rate. This growth has made it simultaneously increasingly difficult and important for humans and programs to be able to quickly and accurately access information and services available on the web. A semantic web-a web where the meanings of terms are captured and exploited-can provide the foundation for convenient access to web content. The DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) program is aimed at providing a language and toolset enabling the transformation of the web from a platform that focuses on presenting information to a platform that focuses on understanding and reasoning with information. In this paper, we describe the initial DAML language aimed at capturing the meaning of terms, thereby providing an ontology language for the web. We introduce DAML-ONT by way of examples and include an axiomatization of the language.

Full paper available as doc, htm.

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