Practical Partition-Based Theorem Proving for Large Knowledge Bases

Reference: MacCartney, B.; McIlraith, S.; Amir, E.; & Uribe, T. Practical Partition-Based Theorem Proving for Large Knowledge Bases. Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-03), August 2003., 2003.

Abstract: Query answering over commonsense knowledge bases typically employs a first-order logic theorem prover. While first-order inference is intractable in general, provers can often be hand-tuned to answer queries with reasonable performance in practice. Appealing to previous theoretical work on partition-based reasoning, we propose resolution-based theorem proving strategies that exploit the structure of a KB to improve the efficiency of reasoning. We analyze and experimentally evaluate these strategies with a testbed based on the SNARK theorem prover. Exploiting graph-based partitioning algorithms, we show how to compute a partition-derived ordering for ordered resolution, with good experimental results, offering an automatic alternative to hand-crafted orderings. We further propose a new resolution strategy, MFS resolution, that combines partition-based message passing with focused sublanguage resolution. Our experiments show a significant reduction in the number of resolution steps when this strategy is used. Finally, we augment partition-based message passing, partition-derived ordering, and MFS by combining them with the set-of-support restriction. While these combinations are incomplete, they often produce dramatic improvements in practice. This work presents promising practical techniques for query answering with large and potentially distributed commonsense KBs.

Full paper available as pdf, pdf, ps, ps.

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