Wine Agent: Semantic Web Testbed Application

Reference: Hsu, E.; McGuinness, D.L. Wine Agent: Semantic Web Testbed Application. Proceedings of the Workshop on Description Logics, Rome, Italy, 2003.

Abstract: The Wine Agent is a demonstration system that uses an underlying domain ontology to provide suitable wines for a given meal. In doing so it serves as a testbed, not only for the logical domain description, but additionally for emerging Semantic Web technologies that process, infer, justify, and execute the pairings. Specifically, it combines the DAML+OIL and OWL Web-based description logics with the JTP theorem prover. The resulting knowledge base can be queried remotely via the DQL query language. Suitable pairings are explained within the Inference Web apparatus, and then transacted via a preliminary implementation of Web Services. Besides serving as a prototype for these methodologies, the wine agent has provided useful empirical lessons regarding reasoning via Semantic Web axioms, language requirements, and requirements for explanation, as well as pragmatic issues concerning implementation and integration.

Full paper available as NIL, pdf, ps, tex.

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