Knowledge-Worker Requirements for Next Generation Query Answering and Explanation Systems.

Reference: Cowell, A.; McGuinness, D.L.; Varley, C.; Thurman, D. Knowledge-Worker Requirements for Next Generation Query Answering and Explanation Systems. In the Proceedings of the Workshop on Intelligent User Interfaces for Intelligence Analysis, International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2006), Sydney, Australia. 2006.

Abstract: Knowledge workers need tools to help them navigate through, evaluate, and understand large stores of information. Motivated by the needs of ARDA's Novel Intelligence from Massive Data program, Battelle, Stanford University, and IBM have developed a suite of technologies for knowledge discovery, knowledge extraction, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, explanation, and human-information interaction. Our team has developed an integrated analytic environment composed of a collection of analyst associates, software components that aid the analyst at different stages of the analytical process, collectively known as "Knowledge Associates for Novel Intelligence (KANI)." As part of this effort, we have incorporated a Query Answering and Explanation component that allows analysts to pose questions of the system based on the knowledge it has of a particular domain and specific tasking (problem). Answers are presented along with optional information about sources, assumptions, explanation summaries, and interactive justifications. This paper describes the analyst requirements and response to the explanation component of the KANI system. We believe the explanation infrastructure, its interface for analysts and knowledge workers, and the provenance requirements are all contributions that can be leveraged beyond the KANI implementation.


Full paper available as pdf.

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