Explaining Semantic Web Applications.

Reference: McGuinness, D.L.; Furtado, V.; Pinheiro da Silva, P.; Ding, L.; Glass, A.; Chang, C. Explaining Semantic Web Applications. In Cardoso, J., and Lytras, M.D., editors, Semantic Web Engineering in the Knowledge Society, Information Science Reference, IGI Global Press, 2008.

Abstract: In this chapter, we introduce the concept of explanation for semantic web applications by providing motivation, description, and examples. We describe the Inference Web explanation toolkit that provides support for a broad range of explanation tasks ranging from explaining deductive reasoning, to information extraction, to hybrid integrated learning systems. We argue that an explanation solution such as the one we endorse is required if we are to realize the full potential of hybrid, distributed, intelligent web agents that users can trust and use.


Full paper available as doc, pdf.

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