Reasoning from the Clinical Literature: The Roundsman System

Reference: Rennels, G. D.; Shortliffe, E. H.; Stockdale, F. E.; & Miller, P. L. Reasoning from the Clinical Literature: The Roundsman System. 1986.

Abstract: Clinicians are well aware that good medical practice depends on keeping up-to- date with the clinical literature. To use this literature most effectively, a physician must critically assess clinical studies in the context of a particular patient, and decide in what ways the experimental trial is relevant to the case at hand. This paper describes a computer program in development, named Roundsman, which draws upon structured representations of the clinical literature to critique plans for medical management. By modeling the process of reasoning from the clinical literature, Roundsman demonstrates how a expert system can be designed to bring a novel type of computer-generated advice to the practicing physician.

Notes: Journal Memo.

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