Using a Domain Model to Drive An Interactive Knowledge Editing Tool

Reference: Musen, M. A.; Fagan, L. M.; Combs, D. M.; & Shortliffe, E. H. Using a Domain Model to Drive An Interactive Knowledge Editing Tool. 1986.

Abstract: The manner in which a knowledge acquisition tool displays the contents of a knowledge base affects the way users interact with the system. Previous tools have incorporated semantics that allow knowledge to be edited either in terms of the structural representation of the knowledge or the general problem- solving strategy in which the knowledge is ultimately used. An alternative paradigm is to use the semantics of the application domain itself to govern access to an expert system's knowledge base. This approach has been explored in a program called OPAL, which allows medical specialists working alone to enter and review cancer treatment plans for use by an expert system called ONCOCIN. Knowledge acquisition tools based on strong domain models should be useful in application areas that are highly structured and for which there is a need for repetitive knowledge entry.

Notes: Journal Memo.

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