An Instrumented Architectural Simulation System

Reference: Delagi, B. A.; Saraiya, N.; Nishimura, S.; & Byrd, G. An Instrumented Architectural Simulation System. January, 1987.

Abstract: Simulation of systems at an architectural level can offer an effective way to study critical design choices if (1) the performance of the simulator is adequate to examine designs executing significant code bodies -- not just toy problems or small application fragments, (2) the details of the simulation include the critical details of the design, (3) the view of the design presented by the simulator instrumentation leads to useful insights on the problems with the design, and (4) there is enough flexibility in the simulation system so that the asking of unplanned questions is not suppressed by the weight of the mechanics involved in making changes either in the design or its measurement. A simulation system with these goals is described together with the approach to its implementation. Its application to the study of a particular class of multiprocessor hardware system architectures is illustrated.

Notes: STAN-CS-87-1148 21 pages.

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