OPAL: Toward the Computer-Aided Design of Oncology Advice Systems

Reference: Musen, M. A.; Combs, D. M.; Walton, J. D.; Shortliffe, E. H.; & Fagan, L. M. OPAL: Toward the Computer-Aided Design of Oncology Advice Systems. 1986.

Abstract: Tools that allow physicians to enter knowledge directly into computers will greatly facilitate the creation of medical expert systems. OPAL is the knowledge entry program for ONCOCIN, an expert system that assists in the management of cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials. OPAL uses computer graphics techniques to display knowledge about cancer treatment plans in a manner intuitive to physicians. Knowledge converted by the program to the format used internally by ONCOCIN. OPAL thus allows clinical experts with no special training in computer science to create complex medical knowledge bases. Visual representation of knowledge in a manner that is understandable to physicians may greatly expedite the development of certain classes of medical advice systems.

Notes: Journal Memo.

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