Reasoning About Action II: The Qualification Problem

Reference: Ginsberg, M. L. & Smith, D. E. Reasoning About Action II: The Qualification Problem. May, 1987.

Abstract: In the previous paper in this series [6], we discussed a possible solution to the frame problem baed on the notion of possible worlds, and compared the computational requirements of that solution to the needs of more conventional ones. In this second paper, we extend our approach to deal with the qualification problem [12]. We begin by discussing an exisiting formal solutions to it that seems to us to suffer from serious epistemological difficulties. Our proposed solution to the qualification problem avoids these difficulties; with each action we associate a set of domain constraints that can potentially block the action. As in the previous paer, we also compare the resources needed by our approach to those required by other formualtions.

Notes: 28 pages.

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