Utility-Directed Presentation of Simulation Results

Reference: McLaughlin, J. Utility-Directed Presentation of Simulation Results. December, 1987.

Abstract: Consideration of the user's preferences when generating a presentation of a simulation results in a concise and expressive explanation tailored to the user. The approach consists of (1) generating a simulation, (2) ascertaining the user's presentation utility, (3) applying linear programming to optimize the utility function, and (4) generating a presentation based on the optimized presentation utility function. This research investigates the application of multiattribute utilities to presentations of simulation results. Presentations of simulations divide naturally into two types: presentations of the model (structural depictions) and presentations of the results (behavioral descriptions). In particular this research illustrates the use of user's preferences for completeness, complexity, and effectiveness when presenting the simulation results of a four compartment glucose model. Considering user's preferences of three classes, novices, researchers, and clinicians, illstrates a possible range of simulation presentations.

Notes: 57 pages.

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