SIMV: An application of Mathematical Modeling in Ventilator Management

Reference: Thomsen, G. & Sheiner, L. SIMV: An application of Mathematical Modeling in Ventilator Management. 1989.

Abstract: SIMV (SImulation and Modeling of Ventilation) is a quantitative system for the mathematical modeling and simulation of pulmonary function. SIMV has been developed as a part of a project designed to assist physicians managing patients who are in the intensive care unit and who require mechanical ventilation. SIMV provides predictions about a patient's pulmonary function, estimates the patient's physiologic parameters, and optimizes the patient's respiratory status by adjusting the controls of the ventilator. These three tasks are accomplished using standard numerical techniques, which are kept separate from SIMV's domain representation. SIMV communicates with other components of the ventilator-management project through probability distributions of shared physiologic parameters.

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