Research Directions in Knowledge-Based Systems

Reference: Buchanan, B. G. Research Directions in Knowledge-Based Systems. 1989.

Abstract: Knowledge-based systems are a proven technology. The applications already in place demonstrate their power to deliver customized knowledge to persons who need the kind of help in reasoning through a problem that experts, consultants, and intelligent assistants provide. Putting that expertise "in a box" makes it portable and immediately accessible. Advanced knowledge-based systems will: know a lot more about a lot of things, be able to reason about problems at the boundaries of what they know, acquire their knowledge without tremendous cost, integrate knowledge of different problem areas and different computing methods, provide tailored explanations of what they know and how they reason, and work in partnership with people for increased productivity and job satisfaction, with learning and improvement by both the people and the programs. Progress in any of the reasearch directions we propose here will significantly enhance the power of available tools to deliver specialized knowledge where and when it is needed.

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