The CAGE System User Manual

Reference: Aiello, N. The CAGE System User Manual. KSL, December, 1989.

Abstract: This user manual describes the Cage System, an expert system shell for building and executing application programs as concurrent blackboard systems. With Cage, the user can control which parts of the blackboard system are executed in parallel. A blackboard application can be implemented and debugged serially in Cage. Once the serial version is debugged, concurrency can be introduced to different parts of the system, allowing the user to experiment with various configurations. We expect this incremental approach to facilitate the construction of concurrent problem-solving systems. The manual contains a detailed description of the Cage components, the domain information the user must supply to simulate the execution an application in parallel with Cage, and the syntax for that information. Also included are listings of the user functions available in Cage and the global variables defined by Cage, as well as example domain specifications from the Elint application and a short description of the underlying simulator upon which Cage executes applications in parallel.

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