Relational Updates Through View Objects.

Reference: Barsalou, T.; Keller, A. M.; & Wiederhold, G. Relational Updates Through View Objects. 1990.

Abstract: The view-object model provides a formal basis for representing and manipulating complex objects in a relational framework. In this paper, we present a scheme for handling update operations on view objects. Because a typical view object encompasses multiple relations, we are facing a problem analogous to the issue of updating through relational views. A view-object update request must be translated into valid operations on the underlying relational datbase. Building on an existing approach to update join views, we introduce algorithms to enumerate all valid translations of the various update operations on view objects. The process of choosing a translator for view- object update then occurs at view-object generation time. Once chosen, the translator can disambiguate any update request on the view object.

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