A Computer Program for Statistically Based Decision Analysis

Reference: Polaschek, J. X.; Lenert, L. A.; & Garber, A. M. A Computer Program for Statistically Based Decision Analysis. Washington, D.C., 1990.

Abstract: The majority of patients with coronary artery disease do not fall into the well defined populations from randomized clinical trials. Observational databases contain a rich source of information that could be used by practicing physicians to evaluate treatment alternatives for their patients. We describe a computer system, the CABG Kibitzer, which uses an integrated approach to evaluate the treatment alternatives for CAD patients. We combine a statistical multivariate model for calculating survival advantages with DA techniques for assessing patient preferences and sensitivity analysis, to create one tool that physicians find easy to use in daily clinical practice. The development of tools of this kind is a necessary step in making the data of outcome studies accessible to practicing physicians.

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