An Integrated Scheme for Using First-Principle Physical Knowledge-Based Simulation

Reference: Iwasaki, Y. An Integrated Scheme for Using First-Principle Physical Knowledge-Based Simulation. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, August, 1990.

Abstract: In this abstract, we describe an integrated scheme for using first-principle physics knowledge for knowledge-based simulation using equations. In most disciplines of sciences, a set of simultaneous equation is an essential tool for describing the relations among parameters that govern the system behavior over time. The two main stages of using equations for this purpose are (1) characterization of a system in terms of functional relations among parameters, and (2) prediction of the system behavior using the equations through various analytic, numeric, or qualitative techniques. The second stage has been studied extensively, and many computer programs for performing the second stage exist. In contrast, much less attempts have been made to automate the first stage. The reasons for this are that model building is a process that requires a large amount of first-principle knowledge of the domain. It also requires heuristic and commonsense knowledge in order to determine the sets of phenomena to model and the temporal grain size of the model that is appropriate for a given goal of the analysis.

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