Simple/Care: An Instrumented Simulator for Multiprocessor Architectures

Reference: Saraiya, N. P.; Delagi, B. A.; & Nishimura, S. Simple/Care: An Instrumented Simulator for Multiprocessor Architectures. KSL, September, 1990.

Abstract: Simulation of multiprocessor systems at an architectural level can offer an effective way to study critical design choices if: (1) the performance of the simulator is adequate to examine designs executing significant code bodies, rather than just toy problems or small application fragments, (2) the details of the simulation include the critical details of the design, (3) the view of system operation presented by the simulator instrumentation leads to useful insights on the problems with the design and with the applications driving it, and (4) the simulation system is flexible enough to allow one to easily ask unplanned questions that require making changes either in the design or in its measurement. This article describes SIMPLE/CARE, an instrumented simulation system for studying multiprocessor architectures, that was designed to meet these goals.

Full paper available as tar.

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