Building a Speech Interface to a Medical Diagnostic System

Reference: Shiffman, S.; Wu, A.; Poon, A.; Lane, C.; Middleton, B.; Miller, R.; Masarie, F.; Cooper, G.; Shortliffe, E.; & Fagan, L. Building a Speech Interface to a Medical Diagnostic System. 1991.

Abstract: We describe our experience in building a speech interface to a medical diagnostic system. Our work includes two programs that integrate off-the-shelf technology with programs that manipulate medical terminology. The Term Identifier program uses an Isolated-word, speaker-dependent speech system to provide an interface for entering findings from the INTERNITS-1 knowledge base. Frame Browser is an auxiliary program that uses a continuous-speech speaker-independent speech system to examine frame structures that were used by Term Identifier to described findings. From our work we conclude that it is feasible to have a speech-based interface for entering medical terms to a diagnostic program.

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