Ontolingua: A language to Support Shared Ontologies

Reference: Gruber, T.; Pang, D.; & Rice, J. Ontolingua: A language to Support Shared Ontologies. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, November, 1990.

Abstract: A primary goal of the summer ontology project[?] was to produce a sharable ontolgy of terms and definitions/constraints useful for building, communicating, and reasoning about models of engineered devices. A central research question for the summer experiment was: what does it mean for an ontology to be sharable, both in content and form? The sharing of content involves decisions about the primitives that are useful to represent and reason about device models, the semantics of those representational primitives, and the process by which the group proposes, refines, and achieves consensus on the terms. The sharing of form involves finding a syntax in which the ontology can be developed and distributed.

Full paper available as Z.

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