A Problem-Solving Model for Episodic Skeletal-Plan Refinement

Reference: Tu, S.; Shahar, Y.; Dawes, J.; Winkles, J.; Puerta, A.; & Musen, M. A Problem-Solving Model for Episodic Skeletal-Plan Refinement. 1991.

Abstract: PROTEGE is a metalevel program that generates knowledge-acquisition tools that are based on the method of skeletal-plan-refinement. In this paper, we propose a flexible and extensible architecture that allows the problem-solving method to be assembled from more basic methods. In this architecture, we emphasize (1) a uniform view of problem solving at different levels of granularities, (2) an explicit data model that allows construction of complex datatypes from predefined datatypes, (3) the inclusion of domain-dependent control information within a domain-independent problem-solving method. We show how such a model of problem solving can drive the generation of knowledge-acquisition tools.

Full paper available as ps.

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