Dimensions of Knowledge Sharing and Reuse

Reference: Musen, M. A. Dimensions of Knowledge Sharing and Reuse. 1992.

Abstract: Many workers in medical informatics are seeking to reuse knowledge in new applications and to share encoded knowledge across software environments. Knowledge reuse involves many dimensions, including the reapplication of lexicons, of ontologies, of inference syntax, of tasks, and of problem-solving methods. Principal obstacles to all current work in knowledge sharing involve the difficulties of achieving consensus regarding what knowledge representations mean, of enumerating the context features and background knowledge required to ascribe meaning to a particular knowledge representation, and of describing knowledge independent of specific interpreters or inference engines. Progress in the area of knowledge sharing will necessitate more practical experience with attempts to interchange knowledge as well as better tools for viewing and editing knowledge representations at appropriate levels of abstraction. The PROTEGE II project is one attempt to provide a knowledge-base authoring environment in which developers can experiment with the reuse of knowledge-level problem-solving methods, of task models, and of domain ontologies.

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