Knowledge Sharing Technology Project Overview

Reference: Fikes, R.; Cutkosky, M.; Gruber, T. R.; & Van Baalen, J. Knowledge Sharing Technology Project Overview. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, November, 1991.

Abstract: Ever since the mid-seventies, researchers have recognized that capturing knowledge is the key to building large and powerful AI systems. In the years since, system builders also found that representing knowledge is difficult and time consuming. Although tools have been developed to help with knowledge acquisition, knowledge base construction remains one of the major costs in building an AI system. The development of most systems requires a new knowledge base to be constructed from scratch. As a result, most systems remain small to medium in size. Even if several systems are built within a general area, such as medicine or electronics diagnosis, significant portions of the domain must be rerepresented for every system that is created.

Full paper available as hqx, ps.

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