Graph-Grammar Productions for the Modeling of Medical Dilemmas

Reference: Egar, J. & Musen, M. A. Graph-Grammar Productions for the Modeling of Medical Dilemmas. Washington, D.C., 1992.

Abstract: We introduce graph-grammer production rules, which can guide physicians to construct models for normative decision making. A physician describes a medical decision problem using standard terminology, and the graph-grammer system matches a graph-manipulation rule to each of the standard terms. With minimal help from the physician, these graph-manipulation rules can construct an appropirate Bayesian probabilistic network. The physician can then assess the necessary probabilities and utilities to arrive at a rational decision. The grammer relies on prototypical forms that we have observed in models of medical dilemmas. We have found graph grammers to be a concise and expressive formalism for describing prototypical forms, and we believe such grammars can greatly faciliatate the modeling of medical dilemmas and medical plans.

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