Protocol-Based Therapy Management for Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Reference: Tu, S.; Shahar, Y.; & Musen, M. Protocol-Based Therapy Management for Graft-Versus-Host Disease. AAAI, Stanford, CA, 1992.

Abstract: We apply the method of episodic skeletal-plan refinement to the task of managing graft-versus-host patients who are enrolled in a clinical-trial protocol. We show how the task can be decomposed into three subtasks: proposing a standard plan, identifying problems from time-oriented data, revising the standard plan. We describe methods for solving these subtasks and our representation of the necessary protocol knowledge. To illustrate the functionality of our system, we show how the sytem can generate for a hypothetical patient the therapy plan prescribed by a real graft-versus-host clinical-trial protocol.

Full paper available as ps, hqx.

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