The New World of Mechanisms

Reference: Puerta, A. R.; Tu, S. W.; & Musen, M. A. The New World of Mechanisms. Seville, Spain, 1992.

Abstract: A goal of second-generation expert systems is to supply knowledge engineers with common frameworks to develop expert systems, thus, eliminating the need to build entirely new systems for each application. A mechanism is a unit of problem-solving knowledge from which such a framework can be developed. We define what a mechanism is and how it can be engineered to compose models of problem solving for expert systems. We also introduce PROTEGE-II, an expert- system development environment based on mechanisms. Using PROTEGE-II, knowledge engineers can implement all the elements of an expert system, from the problem-solving specifications, through the definition of knowledge- acquisition tools, to the editing of the domain knowledge in the knowledge base. The use of PROTEGE-II is demonstrated with an example from the medical domain of AIDS therapy.

Notes: April 1993.

Full paper available as ps.

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