Graph-Grammar Assistance for Automated Generation of Influence Diagrams

Reference: Egar, J. W. & Musen, M. A. Graph-Grammar Assistance for Automated Generation of Influence Diagrams. November, 1994.

Abstract: One of the most difficult aspects of modeling complex dilemmas in decision-analytic terms is composing a diagram of relevance relations from a set of domain concepts. Decision models in domains such as medicine, however, exhibit certain prototypical patterns that can guide the modeling process. Medical concepts can be classified according to semantic types that have characteristic positions and typical roles in an influence-diagram model. We have developed a graph-grammar production system that uses such inherent interrelationships among medical terms to facilitate the modeling of medical decisions. Our findings suggest that similar syntactic patterns can also lead to automated construction of decision models in domains other than medicine.

Notes: Updated November 1994.

Full paper available as Z.

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