PACT: An Experiment in Integrating Concurrent Engineering Systems

Reference: Cutkosky, M. R.; Engelmore, R. S.; Fikes, R. E.; Genesereth, M. R.; Gruber, T. R.; Mark, W. S.; Tenenbaum, J. M.; & Weber, J. C. PACT: An Experiment in Integrating Concurrent Engineering Systems. 1993.

Abstract: The Palo Alto Collaborative Testbed (PACT) is a joint experiment in concurrent engineering being pursued by research groups at Stanford University, Lockheed, Hewlett-Packard, and Enterprise Integration Technologies. The current prototype integrates four preexisting concurrent engineering systems into a common framework. Each of the individual systems is used to model different aspects of a small robotic manipulator, and to reason about them from a different discipline (dynamics, digitial electronics, and software). The initial PACT experiments have explored knowledge sharing in the context of a distributed simulation and simple incremental redesign scenario.

Notes: Submitted February 1993.

Full paper available as ps.

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