Flexible Control Mechanism in a Consistency Maintenance System

Reference: Nakano, G. & Bhansali, S. Flexible Control Mechanism in a Consistency Maintenance System. 1993.

Abstract: We are interested in developing an intelligent software development environment that extends the capabilities of current CASE tools. Our approach is based on identifying and representing knowledge from multiple domains and using that knowledge to assist software designers in designing software systems. A prototype system called KASE is currently being developed that is based on this approach. We describe the consistency checking mechanism in KASE which can be used to assist software developers in ensuring the correctness and completeness of a software design. Three new features are introduced for the consistency checking mechanism: integrated consistency checking, flexible control of consistency checking and automatic remedy generation. In this paper we focus on flexible control of consistency checking. We believe that these features can overcome some of the limitations of current CASE tools.

Notes: March.

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