Specification and Generation of Custom-Tailored Knowledge-Acquisition Tools

Reference: Eriksson, H. Specification and Generation of Custom-Tailored Knowledge-Acquisition Tools. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, July, 1993.

Abstract: Domain-oriented knowledge-acquisition tools provide efficient support for the design of knowledge-based systems. However, the cost of developing such tools is high, especially when their restricted scope is taken into account. Developers can use metalevel tools to generate domain-oriented knowledge- acquisition tools that are custom tailored for a small group of experts, with considerably less effort than is required for manual tool development. An epistemic obstacle to creating such metatools is the specification model for target knowledge-acquisition tools. The metatool DOTS is based on an abstract-architecture approach to the specification and generation of knowledge-acquisition tools. DOTS is domain and method independent, because it is based on an architectural model of the target knowledge-acquisition tool.

Full paper available as ps.

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