A Multimedia Preference-Assessment Tool for Functional Outcomes

Reference: Goldstein, M. K.; Michelson, D.; Clarke, A. E.; & Lenert, L. A. A Multimedia Preference-Assessment Tool for Functional Outcomes. Washington D.C., 1993.

Abstract: Functional outcomes of clinical trials are often reported as number of dependencies in activities of daily living (ADLs.) Quality-weighting for the ADLs has not been reported. We designed and pilot-tested ADLIB (ADL Index Builder), a multimedia computer program, that presents ADL health states to subjects and elicits from subjects a rating for the quality of life of each health state. Subjects, who were patients over age 50 without previous computer experience, found the program easy to use. Health care professionals specializing in geriatrics confirmed that the ADL presentations used in the program are in accord with typical practice in scoring ADLs. We plan to use the program to obtain population-based preference ratings that can be used to assess efficacy of clinical trials and to provide quality- weights for cost-effectiveness analysis.

Notes: August 1993.

Full paper available as ps.

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