Generation of Knowledge-Acquisition Tools from Domain Ontologies

Reference: Eriksson, H.; Puerta, A. R.; & Musen, M. A. Generation of Knowledge-Acquisition Tools from Domain Ontologies. 1994.

Abstract: Metalevel tools support the software development process by automating the design of task- and application-specific tools. Dash is a metalevel tool that allows developers to generate domain-specific knowledge-acquisition tools from domain ontologies. Domain specialists use the knowledge- acquisition tools generated by Dash to instantiate the concepts and relationships defined in the domain ontologies. The output of the knowledge-acquisition tools is a collection of instances that constitute the knowledge base for a knowledge-based system. To automate the generation of appropriate tools, the Dash architecture uses a dialog-design module to produce a dialog structure that defines the target tool at the editor and window level. Given the dialog structure, a layout-design module completes the window layouts. Dash allows the developer to custom tailor the layout of the knowledge- acquisition tool for its users, and to store such modifications persistently so that they can be reapplied when the target tool is regenerated. We have used Dash to generate several knowledge-acquisition tools for a broad range of application tasks.

Notes: Updated December 1993 Updated April 1995.

Full paper available as ps.

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