Mapping Domains to Methods in Support of Reuse

Reference: Gennari, J. H.; Tu, S. W.; Rothenfluh, T. E.; & Musen, M. A. Mapping Domains to Methods in Support of Reuse. 1994.

Abstract: In this paper, we characterize the relationship between abstract problem-solving methods and the domain-oriented knowledge bases that they use. We argue that, to reuse methods and knowledge bases, we must isolate, as much as possible, method knowledge from domain knowledge. To connect methods and domains, we define declarative mapping relations, and enumerate the classes of mappings. We illustrate our approach to reuse with the PROTEGE-II architecture and a pair of configuration tasks. Our goal is to show that the use of mapping relations leads to reuse with high payoff of saved effort.

Notes: Updated May 1994.

Full paper available as ps.

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