Reusable Ontologies, Knowledge-Acquisition Tools, and Performance Systems: PROTEGE-II Solutions to Sisyphus-2

Reference: Rothenfluh, T. E.; Gennari, J. H.; Eriksson, H.; Puerta, A. R.; Tu, S. W.; & Musen, M. A. Reusable Ontologies, Knowledge-Acquisition Tools, and Performance Systems: PROTEGE-II Solutions to Sisyphus-2. Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1994.

Abstract: This paper describes how we applied the PROTEGE-II architecture to build a knowledge-based system that configures elevators. The elevator-configuration task was solved originally with a system that employed the propose-and-revise problem-solving method (VT; Marcus, Stout & McDermott, 1988). A variant of this task, here named the Sisyphus-2 problem, is used by the knowledge- acquisition community for comparative studies. PROTEGE-II is a knowledge- engineering environment that focuses on the use of reusable ontologies and problem-solving methods to generate task-specific knowledge-acquisition tools and executable problem solvers. The main goal of this paper is to describe in detail how we used PROTEGE-II to model the elevator-configuration task. This description provides a starting point for comparison with other frameworks that use abstract problem-solving methods. Starting from a detailed description of the elevator-configuration knowledge (Yost, 1992), we analyzed the domain knowledge and developed a general, reusable domain ontology. We selected, from PROTEGE-II's library of preexisting methods, a propose-and-revise method based on chronological backtracking. We then configured this method to solve the elevator- configuration task in a knowledge-based system named ELVIS. We entered domain- specific knowledge about elevator configuration into the knowledge base with the help of a task-specific knowledge-acquisition tool that was generated from the ontologies. After we constructed mapping relations to connect the domain and method ontologies, PROTEGE-II generated the executable problem solver. We have found that the development of ELVIS has provided a valuable test case for evaluating PROTEGE-II's suite of system-building tools. Keywords: Reusability, Ontology, Knowledge-Acquisition Tool, PROTEGE-II

Notes: November. Updated December 1993.

Full paper available as ps.

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