Knowledge-Based Temporal Abstraction in Clinical-Management Tasks

Reference: Shahar, Y.; Das, A. K.; Tu, S. W.; & Musen, M. A. Knowledge-Based Temporal Abstraction in Clinical-Management Tasks. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medical Computer Science, February, 1994.

Abstract: We describe a general method for abstracting higher-level, interval-based concepts from time-stamped clinical data, the knowledge-based temporal-abstraction [KBTA] method. We focus on the knowledge representation, knowledge acquisition and knowledge reuse and sharing aspects of the KBTA method. We describe five mechanisms which solve the five tasks composing the KBTA method, and four types of knowledge necessary for instantiating these mechanisms in a particular domain. We present an example of instantiating the KBTA method in the domain of monitoring insulin-dependent diabetes patients.

Notes: AAAI94 Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Stanford CA.

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