Automating ARDS Management: A Dynamical Systems Approach

Reference: Dagum, P.; Galper, A.; & Seiver, A. Automating ARDS Management: A Dynamical Systems Approach. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medical Computer Science, February, 1994.

Abstract: We explore the use of the delay-coordinate-embedding technique to automatically construct and use probability forecast models. The technique offers distinct advantages, including coherent handling of noise and continuous data, over previously explored probability forecast methods (Dagum et al., Uncertain Reasoning and Forecasting) employing Bayesian belief networks. We discuss the relationship between the dynamical systems and the probabilistic reasoning approaches to probability forecasting. Finally, we apply the dynamical systems method to a multivariate time series of physiologic measurements of an infant with adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Notes: Presented at AAAI94 Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. In AAAI Press Technical Report Series.

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