A Domain-Specific Software Architecture for Adaptive Intelligent Systems

Reference: Hayes-Roth, B.; Pfleger, K.; Lalanda, P.; Morignot, P.; & Balabanovic, M. A Domain-Specific Software Architecture for Adaptive Intelligent Systems. 1994.

Abstract: A good software architecture facilitates application system development, promotes achievement of an application system's functional requirements, and supports system reconfiguration. We present a domain-specific software architectures (DSSA) that we have developed for a large application domain of adaptive intelligent systems (AIS). Our DSSA provides: (a) an AIS reference architecture designed to meet the functional requirements shared by applications in this domain; (b) principles for decomposing expertise into highly reusable sub-components; and (c) an application configuration tool that helps a user to select application-relevant components from a library and automatically configures instances of those components in an instance of the AIS architecture. We present three studies demonstrating the utility of our AIS DSSA in the sub-domain of office robots.

Notes: Updated January 1995. In press.

Full paper available as ps.

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