Temporal Abstraction Mechanisms as KADS Inferences

Reference: Aben, M.; Shahar, Y.; & Musen, M. A. Temporal Abstraction Mechanisms as KADS Inferences. t, 1994.

Abstract: There is a trade-off between usability and reusability of components that are used to design Knowledge Based Systems. This paper presents a case study which intends to reconcile the two extremes. We show how the task-specific mechanisms and ontology in the PROTEGE-II project can be mapped onto the general-purpose primitive inference actions and ontology of KADS. The purpose of this mapping is threefold. First, by canonically formalising PROTEGE-II temporal-abstraction mechanisms, more insight in their workings and their interrelations is gained. Second, we show the adequacy of the KADS inference scheme framework to express task-specific mechanisms. Third, we point out the relationship between the PROTEGE-II task-oriented mechanisms and the KADS primitive inference actions.

Notes: February.

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