VentSim: A simulator of cardiopulmonary physiology

Reference: Rutledge, G. W. VentSim: A simulator of cardiopulmonary physiology. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, 1994.

Abstract: VentSim is a quantitative model of cardiopulmonary physiology that predicts the effects that changes in the control settings of a mechanical ventilator will have on a patient in the intensive-care unit (ICU). VentSim extends the model implemented in VentPlan by adding a detailed model of a volume-cycled, constant flow ventilator, and by adding a more detailed representation of the airway and circulation components. The additional modeling detail in VentSim allow it to represent a wider array of pathophysiologic abnormalities that occur in ICU patients, but at the expense of substantial additional computation time. This paper describes the structure of the VentSim model, and the methods for solving the model. Simulation results demonstrate that the expanded model has improved predictive ability for patients with abnormal airways and for those with abnormal distributions of ventilation and perfusion. The author suggests that detailed quantitative models of cardiopulmonary physiology are a key component of a computer-based ventilator-therapy advice system.

Notes: Paper not available.

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