A Declarative Formalization of Knowledge Translation

Reference: Buvac, S. & Fikes, R. A Declarative Formalization of Knowledge Translation. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, August, 1994.

Abstract: We describe an interlingua-based methodology for translating encoded knowledge and repesent formalism for declaratively specifying vocabulary translations within a predicate logic interlingua. We use the formalism to provide a sematics for translation; note that the formalism enables translation to be done as deduction by a standard theorem prover; describe a proof technique for determining whether a given set of rules for translating fron one vocabulary to another is sufficent for performing that translation for any theory; provide examples of how the formalism can be used to specify various forms of translation, including abstractions and approximations; describe techniques for precompiling translation rules that translate directly between two given vocabularies; and show how the formalism might also be used to specify the syntactic translations required to convert interlingua sentences into a form that is recognizable by a grammar being used to translate from the interlingua to a target representation language.

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