Some Ideas and Examples to Evaluate Ontologies

Reference: Gomez-Perez, A. Some Ideas and Examples to Evaluate Ontologies. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, October, 1994.

Abstract: The lack of methods for evaluating ontologies in laboratories can be an obstacle to their use in companies. This technical report presents a set of emerging ideas in evaluation of ontologies useful for: (1) ontologies developers in the lab, as a foundation from which to perform technical evaluations; (2) end users of ontologies in companies, as a point of departure in the search for the best ontology for their systems; and (3) future research, as a basis upon which to perform progressive and disciplined investigations in this area. After exploring briefly some general questions such as: why, what, when, how and where to evaluate; who evaluates; and, what to evaluate against, we focus on the definition of a set of criteria useful in the evaluation process. Finally, we discuss, by using the Bibliographic-Data ontology, some of these criteria.

Full paper available as ps.

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