Custom-Tailored Development Tools for Knowledge-Based Systems

Reference: Eriksson, H.; Puerta, A. R.; Gennari, J. H.; Rothenfluh, T. E.; Tu, S. W.; & Musen, M. A. Custom-Tailored Development Tools for Knowledge-Based Systems. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medical Computer Science, January, 1994.

Abstract: PROTEGE-II is a development environment for knowledge-based systems. PROTEGE-II supports developers by providing a series of development tools. DASH, which is part of the PROTEGE-II tool set, is a metalevel tool that uses domain ontologies (which are models of domain concepts and relationships among concepts) as the basis for generating domain-specific knowledge-acquisition tools. Domain experts use the tools that DASH generates to enter the knowledge required for problem solving. DASH generates target tools in a series of design steps, and it uses sets of design rules as the basis for the transitions among the design stages.

Full paper available as ps.

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