Criteria to Verify Knowledge Sharing Technology

Reference: Gomez-Perez, A. Criteria to Verify Knowledge Sharing Technology. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, January, 1995.

Abstract: This paper is focused on providing some criteria for verifying Knowledge Sharing Technology (KST). Verification of KST refers to the engineering activity that guarantees the correctness of the definitions in an ontology, its associated software environments, and documentation with respect to a frame of reference during each phase and between phases of its life cycle. Verification of the software and documentation guarantee that they are correct. Verification of the ontologies refers to building the ontology right, and it verifies that: (1) the architecture of the ontology is sound, (2) the lexicon and the syntax of the definitions are correct, and (3) the content of the ontologies and their definitions are internally and metaphysically consistent, complete, concise, expandable and sensitive.

Full paper available as ps.

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