Plan Recognition and Revision in Protocol-Based Care

Reference: Shahar, Y. & Musen, M. A. Plan Recognition and Revision in Protocol-Based Care. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medical Computer Science, April, 1995.

Abstract: Automated support for guideline-based care can be viewed as a collaborative effort of two planning agents: the physician and an automated planner.. Achieving this collaboration with sufficient flexibility involves a recognition of the physician's intentions and plans, and a consideration of potential revisions to the therapy plan. Automated support for clinical guidelines could be enhanced considerably by an explicit, formal representation of (1) effects of therapy-planning operators, (2) plan-revision strategies, and (3) the underlying goals and policies of the guideline, as temporal-abstraction patterns to be maintained, achieved, or avoided. Such a representation supports maintenance of the automated planner's knowledge base while improving its recommendations and their acceptance.

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