A Rational Reconstruction of INTERNIST-I using PROTEGE-II

Reference: Musen, M. A.; Gennari, J. H.; & Wong, W. W. A Rational Reconstruction of INTERNIST-I using PROTEGE-II. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medical Computer Science, April, 1995.

Abstract: PROTEGE-II is a methodology and a suite of tools that allow developers to build and maintain knowledge-based systems in a principled manner. We used PROTEGE-II to reconstruct the well-known INTERNIST-I system, demonstrating the role of domain models (ontologies), reusable problem-solving methods, and declarative mapping relations in creating a new, working program. PROTEGE-II generates automatically a domain-specific knowledge-acquisition tool, which, in the case of the INTERNIST-I reconstruction, has much of the functionality of the QMR-KAT knowledge-acquisition tool. This study provides a means to understand better both the PROTEGE-II methodology and the models that underlie INTERNIST-I.

Full paper available as ps.

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