Biomedical Imaging and the Evolution of Medical Informatics

Reference: Shiffman, S. & Shortliffe, E. H. Biomedical Imaging and the Evolution of Medical Informatics. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medical Computer Science, January, 1996.

Abstract: Although the fields of medical informatics and biomedical imaging have experienced explosive growth in the last decade, there has been only limited interaction between researchers in these fields. However, an emerging need for efficient information-management tools that could help organizations respond to increasing demand for high-quality care at low cost mandates greater cooperation and collaboration among experts in biomedical imaging, informatics, and clinical medicine. In this article we examine the formation of ties among members of the three research communities in light of the necessity to enhance information sharing. We conclude that interdisciplinary research that bridges these fields can successfully stimulate innovation and investigative productivity while assuring coordination with other clinical computing efforts and helping to promote improved patient care in an era of restricted resources.

Full paper available as ps.

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