Monument at the University for Peace, near San Jose

Los Angeles Cloud Forest (Hotel Villa Blanca)

Coffee plantation near San Ramon and coffee plants at entrance to Cooperativa Victoria

Iguana seen at Los Inocentes Lodge; coati seen in Santa Rosa National Park

Orosi volcano (extinct) near Los Inocentes; Salinas Bay, seen from town of La Cruz, Guanacaste province.

Another view of Salinas Bay (underexposed)

Resident toucan and parrots at Los Inocentes Lodge


Spider monkey. One of a family of about 20 that we watched leaping among the trees and vines.

Playa Cuajiniquil, a lovely unspoiled beach.

On Lake Arenal. These pictures were taken just minutes apart. It was typical of the weather there. Unfortunately, the top of the Arenal volcano was always in clouds, so we couldn't see it erupt (but heard it a few times).

Arenal volcano, with steaming hot debris on its flank, just after an eruption.


Animals of the rain forest: An agouti and a collection of 14 bats on the ceiling of the Selva Verde Lodge.

A cayman and an iguana, seen while on a boat ride on the Sarapiqui river in Heredia province.

Lots of exotic plants in the rain forest, such as these ginger plants.

Rain forest fauna

Bananas just brought in from field and awaiting shipment. Part of extensive arthropod collection at BioPlanet, a small museum in the suburbs of Heredia. The iridescent wings of the Morpho butterflies are a result of refraction of light from a finely layered surface.