A Guided Tour to Developing Ontologies Using Chimaera

This tour is for people who would like an introduction to using the Chimaera software provided by the Stanford KSL Network Services for creating, modifying and merging ontologies. We suggest that people who have never used Chimaera before complete this entire tour.

This tour is designed for you to open another browser window, login to Chimaera, and follow the steps the guided tour shows you. Due to the difference in appearance of different types of browsers, the snapshots you see in this tour might not be exactly as they would look in your browser. The functionality should be the same, though.

Please note: This tour contains a number of screen snapshots. This will mean that the tour is rather more bandwidth intensive than the Chimaera in normal operation, so things will be abnormally slow if you have a low bandwidth connection.

This tour will provide guidance on:

Start the tour

The user manual may be viewed from here. A very nice Chimaera movie is here.